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Window Cleaning Rates
Window Doctor is proud to offer some of San Francisco’s most reasonable rates for professional window washing services. An estimate for a window cleaning project is determined by the whole job, and takes the following into consideration:

    • Number and size of windows
    • Screens to be removed, washed, replaced
    • Windows containing splattered paint, glue, or tape
    • Accessibility (ropes, ladder, etc.)
    • Post-construction clean-up

We recommend conducting a “window count” to get a general idea of how much a visit from the Window Doctor will cost. Simply count the number of windows to be washed and multiply by $18.00. While price is ultimately determined by the whole job, a window count is usually sufficient to get within 25% of the final cost. We have a minimum Service charge of $250.
There are two main categories of windows when it comes to San Francisco window cleaning. The first can best be described as two panels of glass that open upwards or sideways. These two panels would be counted as one window for the purposes of a window count. The second style of window includes mostly odd or large shaped windows, such as French paneled windows, picture windows, glass doors, and skylights.